Our Approach of Developing SEO Friendly Websites

  1. Booking Website Domain: Stand out among the crowd of websites with a unique domain name and set up an eye-catching portal, courtesy Widespread Promotion.
  2. Purpose of Website Design: We mingle aesthetic and customized user interface with contemporary and futuristic user experience (UX) to provide you with world class design elements.
  3. Understanding Client Requirements: We consider ourselves seasoned specialists in listening to our clients’ requirements and delivering as well.
  4. Understanding Client Products and Services: Widespread Promotion prides itself in getting to know everything that the client does, in and out. This understanding and knowledge further helps us in giving our best.
  5. Target Region: Detailed and painstaking research by the Widespread Promotion team along with continued communication with the client ensures that we know which geographical region is a particular website targeting.
  6. Business Keyword Research: Keywords can be a crucial factor in bringing more visitors to your website. Allow the keyword experts to take over and boost your business with timely decisions and suggestions.
  7. Developing the SEO and User friendly Webpage Hierarchy: SEO is a constantly changing world, where algorithms and other factors influence a website’s fate. Keep your portal always in the public eye, right on the top of page rankings with our professional aid.
  8. Finalizing SEO friendly Website architecture, URL structure, Category Structure, Navigation: A website that is SEO friendly with a proper and well-planned structure will always have a competitive edge. Ease in navigation makes it a pleasurable experience for visitors, encouraging a loyal audience base.
  9. Finalizing Website Design: Our team of design experts will help you select and achieve clarity in matters related to website design. Selecting the latter and settling on one can be tricky. We take in on ourselves to make your job easier.
  10. Converting Website Design in Code: The Widespread Promotion team has in its team a group of skilled and enthusiastic programmers who live and breathe code. That is why we also extend the service of altering website design in code.
  11. Connecting website to Social Media Profiles: A website’s presence in social media circles is a must for continued publicity, brand identity and consistent visibility. Contact us for more sophisticated solutions on this regard.
  12. Website Testing: A malfunctioning website can spell doom for its owners. A website with errors builds up a reputation faster than a decent one. That is why website testing is a very significant part of our services, one that can make or break your portal.
  13. Website Hosting: Just hold back and relax, while our website experts take on the hosting responsibilities of your website. Maintenance and ensuring user interest through our high quality hosting services

We develop SEO friendly websites, considering all SEO requirements in mind, so that you don’t need to change website architecture or URL’s in future. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us help you make a blockbuster website.


Static Website / Personal Blog Service

Worried that your website is not attracting many hits? Want your cherished personal blog to get more visitors and comments? You have come to the right people. We have a mixed bag of tips and methods through which you can revive your website or blog, in a series of well-planned steps. Contact us for more details.

Responsive Website Design

In this age where everything is going mobile, website design is the key to keep the user interested. Easy navigability, user-friendly interface, fast-loading pages, strategic content placement, etc are prime things that make a difference in generating repeat visitors. Website design is thus just not about graphics, it reflects the purpose of the website itself. Get in touch for more details.

CMS Website Development

Content is at the core of any website. If you content is not working, then much hard work that you put in to enhance other aspects is usually undone. That is why creating a responsive content management system (CMS) can’t be done without. Managing a CMS doesn’t require technical training. We shall ensure that every personnel related to your project/company shall find it easy to use.