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Video Promotion & Video Optimization

At Widespread Promotion, we are in constant step with the ever-changing Internet world of promotions. Video promotions are the in-thing today, a grand variation from just plain content. There are two ways to go about video promotion, one that is organic and the other is through paid advertisements on major video sites.


Organic video promotion is done through Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other video sites. Here, we upload the concerned video and optimize it for TOP SERP and Video search ranking based on video content and category.


The paid video advertisement campaign can be done on Youtube , Facebook, Twitter and other video channels. Here, we upload videos into a relevant channel or page and show it to a target audience people through ad campaigns. On Youtube, the video ad campaigns are done through Google Adwords. In Facebook it is done through Facebook Ads.

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Video Optimization

What is that little edge that will make your promotional video stand out in a hoard of many others? What is the secret ingredient that will get your video the right audience? Let in the Widespread Promotion team to add those crucial aspects to your video and help you beat the competition by miles.

YouTube Advertising

The world of Internet advertising is huge and there are various little details you could miss in the midst of it. Amongst it all, YouTube is one of the most popular websites to place your advertisement. Now where do you place your advertisement for maximum impact? What part of the web page would the ad best placed in? What format is best suited - a video ad or an image ad? We are here to guide you and make the right choice.

Video Editing Service

In a world of limited attention spans and a million distractions, the majority of your audience just doesn’t have the time to watch lengthy videos. Effective video editing ensures that audience interest is retained, while only the essential parts are displayed. Keeping this balance is an art that we at Widespread Promotion are adept at.