What is Social Media and Social Media Optimization?

Social media is totally related to the Internet. These are websites, apps, tools and other mediums through which users can share, create and exchange videos, pictures, content, etc.

Why Social Media Optimization is essential part of Digital Marketing?

Everything about marketing has moved online. With the advent in popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other websites, most

enterprises make it a point to be socially visible.

What is Widespread Promotion’s SMO strategy?    

Widespread has a team of dedicated SMO experts who provide personalized services to clients, as per their needs.The Widespread team does a detailed research of the client’s product or services and provides appropriate answers thereafter.

What we do in SMO? 

There are many important things that we do in SMO which are highlighted below:

i.Blog, profile and page creation

  1. Developing rich and relevant graphics for social media platforms

iii.Optimizing social media according to client needs

  1. Developing high quality content for daily post uploads
  2. Engaging users through entertaining and catchy status/tweets
  3. Publishing relevant news and events on social media platforms

vii. Increasing product reach and services, especially to genuine followers

viii. A special section for paid promotion through SMO

  1. Setting well-planned ad campaigns on social media platforms
  2. Optimizing exclusive ad campaign based on client requirements

What you will achieve through SMO campaign?

Significant increase in page likes or followers

Increase in reach of your products, services, news and events

Capture more traffic through social media platforms

Get more back links to your website pages

Video Promotion & Video Optimization

At Widespread, we are in constant step with the ever-changing Internet world of promotions. Video promotions are the in-thing today, a grand variation from

just plain content. There are two ways  to go about video promotion, one that is organic and the other is through paid advertisements on major video sites.

Organic video promotion is done through Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other video sites. Here, we upload the concerned video and optimize it for TOP SERP and Video search ranking based on video content and category.

The paid video advertisement campaign can be done on Youtube , Facebook, Twitter and other video channels. Here, we upload videos into a relevant channel or page and show it to a target audience people through ad campaigns. On Youtube, the video ad campaigns are done through Google Adwords. In Facebook, we post ads on the website, guaranteeing maximum publicity.


Facebook Page Management

In the social marketing world, Facebook holds the top position in helping you connect with millions of potential users/customers. Your Facebook page reflects the company’s identity, brand, values, popularity, image and almost everything in the public space. We ensure that our clients have an impressive and dynamic public image to showcase through their Facebook page.

Twitter Profile Management

Handling a Twitter profile takes skill and expertise. This is a different social networking medium, where words, witticisms, links and hash tags rule. What has to be said when, timing a tweet, effective clipped responses to queries, the right touch of humour and many more aspects need to be considered while tweeting. Widespread Promotion handles the nitty-gritty’s well.

Pinterest Profile Management

With photographs and illustrations as the only medium to communicate, Pinterest profile management takes on a new set of skills in the world of social networking. How do you attract users to your page and increase your list of followers? Get back to us for more details.

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn is a totally professional platform and how you reach out to an audience here takes a more formal note. That doesn’t mean boring, official content at all. Creative and engaging content, especially things that are useful to the audience can make things tick. You are welcome to discuss more such ideas with us.

Instagram Promotion

Another exciting medium in the social networking world, we are aware of how the right photographs can bring in a hoard of followers to your Instagram page. It is all about doing things at the right time, with the right tools and techniques. Get in touch for more information.